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EFL will always LVOE you
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YESUNG → my love, my kiss, my heart
KANGIN → my strong benevolent bear
SIWON → my handsome prince
HENRY → my excitable puppy
HAN GENG → my kindhearted hero
SUNGMIN → my adorable squishy
HEECHUL → my big space star
ZHOU MI → my elegant gentleman
DONGHAE → my purehearted baby
EUNHYUK → my charismatic playboy
RYEOWOOK → my sweet lovely boy
KYUHYUN → my sharp-tongued cutie
KIBUM → my snow white idol
LEETEUK → my wonderful leader
SHINDONG → my good-natured joker


I'm trying to collect every song that Yesung has sung, including musicals, radio and tv performances, etc.

So far I have found 100 songs, which you can download here.

If you know of any other songs that I haven't included, please let me know!

a little about me!

Ari | ♀ | UK | ♎ | INTJ

Super Junior! They're my favourite ❤ I first discovered them in 2008 when I was browsing Japanese music and the MV for 'U' popped up. I really loved it, so I decided to try and find out more about them, which led me to watch EHB. It was so entertaining, and I think it was then I decided to devote my life to them! ヽ(≧∇≦)ノ

My first bias was Siwon because he is perfect, but quickly it changed to Yesung, because he's so imperfect ❤ I'm completely in love with his beautiful voice; his performances are so emotional and touching that his singing alone would make him my #1 bias 5evar. His amazing, quirky, 4D personality just makes him even more loveable, not to mention his perfect face (the cutiest!) ❤

I would love for Yesung to have a solo career after he returns from the army, and have the opportunity to perform songs that really show off how incredible his voice is. ☆彡

I do like some other things, and though most of my spare time is spent on SJ (they do so much, it's tough keeping up!) I also love reading, especially manga / manhwa and young adult novels.

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I'm just a little blog, so when I get +1k notes on something, it really means a lot! Here are links to my most reblogged posts ❤
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